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Sharon, my dear non-nagging wife, reported that my disobedience caused a severe sciatica attack.  It was foolish of me to think that at 73 I could behave as if I were 43.  I confess.  I still harbor fantasies that I can do anything I set my mind to.  Wrong.  Understanding the limitations imposed by aging and physical change is one of the struggles of dealing with growing older.  But here I am, on my cane, struggling with a pain that was not necessary, so my dear wife allows.

She is right, you know. As so often she is.  Listening to the counsel of others should not invalidate common sense and reckoning with your own stubborness.  But, it injures both pride (and back) to admit that I don’t have enough common sense left to listen and avoid difficulties that could just as easily be headed off.

Now, I must go in for chiropractic treatments, spend time reclining to avoid pain, look around at the very boxes that contributed to the problem and admit she was right.  Listening, a sometimes difficult task, is, after all increasingly important as we age.

And no, my dear, I didn’t plan it.

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