Okay Seniors, If You Aren’t Confused Now, Just Wait Awhile

Sep 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Searching for certainty these days seems a futile task.  Almost everywhere you look there are contradictory reminders of how much is askew in our society and culture.  Nationally it is bad enough.  Globally, it gets even more convoluted.  What’s the most serene and assuring way to face all of the confusions which bombard us with regularity?

If our choice is to take everything with seriousness, we start off in trouble.  There have to be some built in exits to allow us to get a breath of fresh air, take in the sunshine, hear nothing but birdsong and the silence of nature.  Caught up in the urban milieu, our perspective is likely to be blurred.  If we can’t see the buildings down the street for the pollution in the air, then it is tough to decide just where to go next.

Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of choices in our time, it behooves us to try to find other than serpentine trails to follow.  The Stock Market seems to be less a harbinger of good and safe news than a prognosticator of “who knows.”  Consumer spending is, and appropriately so, so way down that unemployment is way up.  The forecasters suggest that could be the case for another four years.  Not a lot of reassurance there. 

The automobile industry, once America’s prime and stalwart industries has slid into major doldrums.  The Clunker program, not a bad idea, has served its initial purpose, but, of course, did not solve the  whole problem.  The Stimulus plan seems somewhat dormant.  The health care debate is creating as much heat as light.  The lack of genuine statesmanship seems to suggest that the American political system is suffering from the handicaps of immobility.    

So where is the light at the end of the tunnel?  And if there is any, is it an empty freight train heading right at us.?   Pessimism is a poor strategy for dealing with the complications of modern life.  It is one, however, that is understandable, particularly if you are among the unemployed, the threatened, a  recent graduate looking for a job, the retiree who has lost a large slice of his/her retirement pie.  

If you aren’t confused now, just wait awhile can be read both ways.  It can be seen as a red flag warning of the pitfalls ahead.  It may also be a beacon light pointing out the dangerous shoreline for which we are headed and how best to steer our way around it. 

Choosing the latter is about the best we can do.  The shoals are always there.  The dangers always lurk.  Fear factors may always be real and imposing.  However, with astute handling of our craft we may be able to shift our direction enough to avoid imminent catastrophe.

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