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Seniors Pursue the Positive

For those seniors who enjoy surfing the net, perusing Facebook, examining all things written, said and posted it is likely that what we find here contributes to a more rational and well founded state of mind.

To the credit of all my Facebook friends, I have found that almost a hundred percent of their offerings lean to the positive, the contemplative, meditative point of view.  Those who post insights and stirrings of mind and emotion do so with the obvious intent of creating a more peaceful, less stressful world.  I am so grateful to call these friends, real Friends..

Sometime ago, I began dis-inviting some who sent nothing but unpleasant and unremarkable posts.  It has worked.  It has drawn from the ether of the universe, a more uplifting, morale building, inspiration stimulating content than was true before.

Placing a quarantine on those posts that would pull down the delight of another pleasant day has meant that others have gathered to share in an epidemic of caring, loving, reason, and tranquility.

The bottom line is the people I know or want to know will respect and affirm the qualities that underline the content of any postings that come our way.  The more of us who choose to do this will be those who are conscientious about what is allowed through the filter of our incoming mail, whether electronic or postal.  Our intention is to create respect and to honor each other as we communicate.

And may all your days be “merry and bright.”

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