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Seniors Lose Grandchildren in Connecticut

Seniors, like everyone else on this Monday morning, are touched by the tragedy over the last several days in Newtown, Connecticut. This is not one of those places terribly far away and isolated from the reality of our own existence.  Elderly, grandparents, whatever label is attached to us applies to our deep sense of pain for those, our age and older, who have lost grandchildren and those first grade wonders that were taken at the hand of a very seriously disturbed young man.

His action held hostage those whose relationships ended in a flash.  Teachers, administrators, first graders, all who had reason aplenty for that not to happen on this otherwise ordinary weekend.  The affects of the actions of a troubled soul will create more troubling despair for a long time to come.

How does one find any means at all for saying goodbye, when that last goodbye had already been said last Friday morning?  How does one walk into their room, remembering last moments shared?  How does one pick up tossed clothing, a toy left near the bed, a piece of discarded homework without crumbling and sinking to the floor in utter agony?  How does one maintain a sense of gratitude for the kind words of others, while melting into that overpowering grief that comes so readily?

How many have lost a best friend, a favorite nephew or niece, a colleague, an irreplaceable friend, a confidant?  How many will be lost during these holidays for lack of one with whom sharing these special days was always an unrepeatable treat?

Unrelenting Loss and Sorrow

There are so many ripples from such a catastrophic experience, until it works its way into a tsunami.  There are so many uncountable losses, pains, hurts, agonies that can’t be recited.  This is the backwash from such a heartache.  This is the mending that will take days and months and years to heal.  Will it ever?

No amount of empathy or sympathy, no attempts at offering our support and deep well reservoir of love and overwhelming compassion can be enough. Each of us has his or her own means for coping. We could only wish that in that coping some relief would be experienced on the part of those who need it most.  May the peace of so many hearts come together to provide some portion of recovery, some modicum of  healing, some overcoming of the hurt.

May that source that serves as your means of goodness in the world allow you to be freed of the presence of hopelessness.

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