No Excuses Needed!

Nov 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

No Excuses Needed! This is not only the best time of the year to let people know how special they are to you, but it may also be the best time of your life. Endorphins are those little thingies that wander around in your brain and, when activated, seem to offer great stimulus to your entire outlook and behavior, while assisting in keeping you healthier.

So, with such a benefit awaiting, why not prompt those endorphins every time you can? My 89 year old mother, almost without exception, tells everyone she encounters: “I love you.” She is not senile, nor is dementia getting the best of her. She has always been an outgoing and loving human being. There are no excuses in holding back for her. She genuinely enjoys expressing her affection for other people.

Some will find this a bit too intimate for their own self comfort or practice. Some just can’t let themselves go enough to express affection outwardly and verbally. You are not being judged, just offered and insight about what makes you feel better by exercising this part of your emotional make up. And, one needn’t use the word “love” in order to accomplish the goal. “I appreciate you,” “I hope you know how important you are to me,” “I miss you when we have been apart,” “Your friendship has given me so much,” and so on.

I have, picking up on my Mom’s habits, exercised the expression of “I love you” to others over the years. I even end conversations by phone with friends, even males, with “I love you.” Sometimes I get a reply in kind, sometimes not. That’s okay. Expecting a response is not the reason I offer the expression.

On days, when a bucket is half empty, it feels rather good to hear that someone appreciates you. Perhaps that is all it takes to switch from a half empty day to a half full kind of day.

With so many ominous things bearing down on us today, it seems to me that the intangible offering of a verbal affirmation, if not a touch, is one of the finest practices to be offered.

By the way, “You are one of my favorite readers of this column.”

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