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Senior Visitors Keep SCJ Going

You, dear Reader, are never taken for granted. While you may have spent half the night in lines awaiting Black Friday bargains, while you may have gorged yourself into a state of euphoria on Thanksgiving Day, while you may have an agenda a foot long for today’s demands, and while you may have little or no time to drop by, we don’t take you for granted.

You are what makes us go.  You are the motivation that keeps SCJ alive and vital and current.  You are the one who inspires us to get up and be about it.   You are the fulfillment of our goals.  You are the initiative that spurs us to be here for you day after day… thanks to you, you are the reason we exist.

During these holidays you may visit us less frequently, you nevertheless are in our thoughts.  Someone out here is aware of you.  And while you may not bid us greeting for a few days, occupied as you are by other demands, we know you will return.  There is something about this relationship we have built that is inviolate.  We are bound together by common interests, held together by a common thread, united in a common bond (aging productively) that realizes that good things, like visiting one another here, are things worthy of our attention and sharing.

Thanks and Promises

As the year winds down toward its inevitable conclusion, we are caught in the too rapid passing of the final days of an incredible year.  We have spent much of it together, delving into all kinds of subjects and issues and dynamics that have made this year what it has been.  We are, we hope, richer because we found common interests to stimulate us and help us be even richer human beings than when we first launched over four years ago.

Relationships, whether vicarious or real, are the stuff of which rich and fruitful joys of living are made.  Thank you for the relationship you have had and continue to have with us.  Thank you for your steady and strong commitment.  Thank you for the difference you make in your place and time and way.  Thank you for your presence that enriches our own.  Thank you for being out there in the milieu of rich living and positive contribution and curious effort.  Thank you for having given us the gift of your acquaintance. Thank you for giving Thanksgiving real and definitive meaning.  Thank you for allowing us in your life.

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