My Big Day is Wednesday

Feb 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Before Branson became BRANSON, we were visiting nearby in Bella Vista, Arkansas. At that time we owned property which we had bought for retirement. (I will warn you about such purchases in a future article.) We had slipped over to Branson on one of those wonderful afternoon outings that was supposed to be perfect for golfing. There was ice and snow. We decided to hazard the trip to ward off boredom. It was a good choice.

Our friends had retired in Iowa. He had owned a Coast to Coast Store in a small Iowa town, had done well and chose to move to Branson, Missouri, on the lake. I remind you this was pre-Opryland style Branson.

The couple, our friends, enjoyed a panoramic view of the lake, lived in a modest, but very nice home, and felt that the weather there, for the most part, our day’s visit notwithstanding, was superior to Iowa winters.

Of course, while there, we fell to talking about their daily routine. I would tell you their name is “Settle.” I think that may tell us a lot.

When I inquired of Don (Mr. Settle), how he spent his days, his reply was classic. This is a man who had managed his own store for years, had been active in the community, was in good health and not ready to “call it a day.”

My question was: “could you give me a description of your week’s activities?” His reply was utterly classic.

“Jerry,” said he,” my week goes like this,” whereupon he launched into a day by day minute description of his time spent, energy used, anticipations expended of a one week period in his idyllic location on the lake in Branson, Missouri.

He said that on “Mondays, I have to rest up from having gone to church on Sunday. Tuesdays are busier because the grocery ads come out and we spend our mornings making up our shopping list. Wednesdays, now that’s the big one. We get up early, get into town, run errands, buy groceries and finish up at Jolly Café for a hamburger. Thursdays is another rest day from our big trip to town. Fridays, well that’s the day before the weekend, so we get all ready for the weekend. Saturdays are spent preparing to go to church on Sunday and Sunday, we go to our church. Then, all of a sudden, why its Monday again.”

I hope Don Settle knows how much fun I’ve had with his story over the years!

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