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Moving Issues for Seniors

It looks as if we are in for one last move.  We have purchased a home in another state and within about 45 days or so will have made the move.  There are, for seniors, a variety of dynamics that come with such a decision. Those dynamics carry with them some anxiety, some excitement, some readjustment and some wonder.

Among the dynamics are:  will we be up to the physical demands that come with making a move?  While there are valid reasons for doing so, downsizing for example , how will we handle all the implications that accompany a move?

Realizing that change will come in many forms,  how will I accommodate that change when it involves  choosing new physicians and other professionals necessary to a senior’s existence? Being comfortable with your routine will offer some new challenges in reestablishing a routine that allows for similar comfort.  Where will I shop for groceries, go for prescriptions, have my cleaning done, get my car serviced, and so on? How will we be accepted in our new neighborhood and community?  Making friends doesn’t always come so easy when you haven’t had to do it for a while.

Will the economics of our move work in our favor?  Could there be unanticipated complications that we will need to be prepared for?

How will it feel when you leave your present home for the last time?  Will you be able to accommodate the emotions that go with surrendering where you have lived a good while?

What will be your intentions in creating socialization with new people?

How long will it take before you begin to feel “at home” in your new residence?

Moving One Last Time carries with it questions and concerns that require being ready to deal with yourself and the potential trauma of moving.  Attempting to make it an experience that will bring joy and satisfaction to this phase of your life is, of course, the most well advised posture.  Fighting it will only create distress and discomfort as you try to blend into your new environment.

May your dreams, as you settle in, be pleasant ones and your adjustments relatively smooth.


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