Motivating Myself: Sterling Days at 70

Nov 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One afternoon, while living in Tucson back in the 80’s, a friend invited me to join him for a matinee at a local movie. We had lunch and then headed for the nearby mall. As I stood at the ticket counter, I was met for the first time with the very unsettling question: “Are you a Senior Citizen?”

Confounded by the question, I was additionally conflicted with whether I would say yes and get the discount or whether pride would prevail and indicate that no, I hadn’t reached that milestone. Pride won.

No longer do I find myself insulted and assaulted with that question. I enjoy the luxury and special set apart treatment that being a Senior brings.

The very last day of this year brings with it a new wakeup call. That long awaited, and somewhat dreaded, three score and 10 arrives. Admittedly much of the implications of arriving at that age have been long challenged and overcome. Much of the fear of having reached another peak has been resolved. It is, after all, only another mountain, offering yet several others out there beyond it.

Met with another passage, the challenge is to determine how to manage it. What will be the driving influences that encourage one to keep contributing, to devise new strategies for offering something instead of taking from the world. Birthdays, anniversaries are nothing more than milestones, runners’ flags, which tell us the race has been run this far, but the goal is still out there.

So, pick up the baton and continue the race, wherever you are in it or on it. These are a few suggestions for those thinking about how best to run it:

*Wake up and give yourself permission to exercise zeal. Start with stretching exercises, a healthy breakfast, some moments for meditation; make any necessary decisions that need attention so you are not plagued with those distractions the balance of the day.

*Have some idea how you will spend the day. Allow yourself to plan ahead, but refuse to be boxed in, thus permitting the unexpected to interrupt your day. In other words, wait for the best offer, but don’t wait too long.

*Did I mention vitamins? Be sure you are on a regimen of vitamins which supplement your needs appropriately. Question your physician regarding redundancy in your intake. Inquire about your prescribed meds frequently. Continue to stay in charge and alert to your real medicinal needs.

*Now that you are on your way into your day, whether staying in or going out, remember you are about to confront others. If driving, practice being conscientiously safety aware while in the driver’s seat. Too many days can be ruined by an accident, minor or otherwise.

*Prepare yourself to enjoy the day, whatever it involves: routine errands, an appointment, having the car serviced, making your way to be with friends, volunteering for some activity that helps others. Just have a good time at it. Open doors, say a greeting to persons you encounter, smile, decide you will bloom all day long!

*By the way, if married, be sure you let your spouse know how much better off life is with your mate, than it would be without her/him.

The ring of the words “Have a good day” often seems hollow. Change it so it is your sincerest form of flattery: “Have a sterling day!”

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