Motivating Charitable Caring for Senior Citizens

Jan 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One cannot but have been moved by the wrenching reports out of Haiti. The charitable response to telethons and ordiinary responses to legitimate requests from recovery organizations have been generous and genuine. 

The need will surpass the interest in the tragedy of that awful natural disaster.  While the need and attention are prevalent, motivations for charitable giving need to continue to run high.  There are numerous means for providing support and aid during this early period of enthusiasm to help. 

Legitimate organizations can be identified and checks, text messages, pay pal, credit card charges will be received by those groups. The typical warning is to be sure to check out any organizations,  for there are still those, who in the name of charity, prey on the disaster and those affected by it.

Religious organizations, some credible, some not, are organizing very helpful means to address many of the needs that have been identified.  Some groups are collecting medical kits, which must be sent to a depot for transfer into Haiti.  Such activities as these offer hands on involvement for youth groups and others to demonstrate their concern and compassion.  Check with your local church or a local church for information on how to participate.

Groups of all kinds who meet for social activities might take some of their own resources and time to offer aid and to channel it through legitimate organizations.  By all means, do not send clothing and other household items.  A flood of well intentioned “stuff” creates another tsunami of disaster.  Funnel your giving, money preferably, through legitimate charitable organizations.  Let wisdom guide your giving, not blind kindness.   

There is no end to how much and how many can do so much to help address what has been called the most “severe natural disaster” in our times.  Start now to corral friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow members to do something useful, sensitive and full of the spirit of caring and giving.

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