Mother’s Day Deserves Its Place

May 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Although I found,when I was still active in the ministry and was faced with the annual expectation of praising mothers, it was not always an easily accomplished undertaking.  I was reminded by some whose growing up experiences had not been so idyllic that all mothers weren’t, in fact, deserving of praise.  I was punched in the solar plexus by some whose background and experience had been quite hurtful, negative and unworthy of recollection.  Not so, mine.  But, to be sure, as now we all well know, abusiveness more than occasionally raises its ugly head.

Dysfunctional families have long since shown us how not to do it.  Both mothers and fathers have treated their offspring with disrespect, leaving the scars of memory to cut deep across their lives.  Some, and some of these I know, have celebrated the passing of their parent(s) because there was nothing there worthy of recall, praise or celebration.  Sad as it may be, trying to squeeze some semblance of respect and honor out of that past is like remembering the day of one’s birth.

Why such low and mean behavior comes to treat some with such self loathing is hard to understand.  It is, at least, until you have heard their story.  Some have never known love.  Some have never been offered genuine affection.  Some have never felt tenderness.  Some have been shoved and pushed away from the table where “family” means anything at all.

Yet, in spite of all this “Mother’s Day” still deserves its place.  For both good and not so good mothers have had to face their own behaviors, misbehaviors,  and their own contributions and lack of them to the lives of their own. They have had to struggle with their own guilt, shame and disregard for treating someone who saw the world through them with disdain.  Mother’s Day deserves its place, just as does Father’s Day, as one of those reminders of just who it is we are called to become as a parent.  We are to teach and model and enable caring behavior with and toward our own.  These “Days” are there to help us understand that the making of a world in which kindness and goodness can make a difference requires our being there every day with goodness and kindness.  These “days” are no trick of retailers.  It is a message sent to all of us that we have an enormous assignment to assume.  That assignment is to be the epitome of what love and being the creative force for good is all about.

Mother’s Day deserves its place.  It urges us to understand why and what that place is!

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