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Senior Citizen Internet Savvy Growing

Internet resources for senior citizens continue to increase by the day. Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day, and they add to the numbers.  Seniors began using the Net 15 years ago to communicate with close friends and family by email, and to do simple things like write letters to be printed and sent by snail mail.

How that scene has changed!  We seniors are now using the World Wide Internet to pay our bills, receive e-statements from every business/company/office that sends us bills, read newspapers, research information about issues that concern us, telephone friends/family, instant message friends/family, share photos and videos, find places on maps, create our own websites… well, this list could go on for a long time.  And there is a relatively new device on the market that makes all of this even easier.  It’s the iPad.

Seniors Now Using iPads

We wrote last September about a book just released that helps senior citizens learn to navigate Windows 7, Visual Steps for Windows 7.  SCJ recommended it highly to our readers.  Visual steps now has another book on the market that leads seniors through a step-by-step process of learning to use an iPad.  iPad For Seniors, Get started quickly with the user friendly iPad, is another amazing resource that seniors everywhere will find highly user friendly.

I bought an iPad a couple of months ago because I saw my sister stay connected with her family in the midwest when we all were in Arizona.  She received a gazillion pictures of her grandkids, and I was envious.  I wanted a little tablet to carry around so I could look at pictures that I love.  When the iPad arrived, I quickly discovered it could do almost everything my laptop does. In fact, I suspect someday, tablets will replace laptops.

But it took a while to figure out the thing.  It doesn’t exactly operate like a laptop.  And then I got the Visual Steps book.  The Visual Steps™ writers for the series of books for seniors learning to use computers really know how to present material in a way seniors can understand. They use a combination of printed directions, standardized visual icons and actual pictures of the iPad illustrating the operation they are describing.  So this approach appeals to all seniors using computers, and I think places this book on the ‘must read’ list for seniors who use iPads.

And what’s really good about iPad for Seniors is that it is written in language that we seniors can understand.  It is not nerd-y gobble-d-gook.  There is a glossary for language commonly used in the computer world with words some of us may not recognize which I found very helpful.  The chapters present

  1. The iPad
  2. Sending E-mails With Your iPad
  3. Surfing with Your iPad
  4. Standard Apps on Your iPad
  5. Downloading Apps
  6. Photos and Video
  7. Music

Each chapter includes exercises to help you learn what you’ve just read about, background information with a dictionary of words and phrases to help you better understand what you are doing, and additional tips for using your iPad.

iPad for Seniors is another great book from Visual Steps™ that SCJ recommends highly.

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