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Apr 8th, 2014 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sojourns offer many opportunities for discovery and adventure.  Having been so long away from this column, I wonder if there will be any at all who will find me here, waiting for their compliment of a visit, however brief.

Contemplation is deserving of discipline.  Therefore, having sat idle for so long, I cannot be sure to be capable of such a requirement.  It is so easy to surrender to the temptation of laziness.  With so many out there responding to the urgings of having something worthwhile to say, one wonders how can it be that something motivating might flow from this medium. Having hidden away ideas and occasional spurts of inspiration, can I really rise to the urgings of saying something fresh?

Perhaps attempting to lay something out on a page  there will come a worthwhile declaration, a series of sentences that form their own rationale for coming to that moment when having something to say nudges its own way onto the page.  Maybe there is yet a good idea, a striking observation that will seek to join with other ideas and brings forth its own reason to be.

Maybe, just the act of opening windows and doors, left locked too long, will create its own energy and introduce a new concept that might otherwise not be entertained.

What if there emerged from these words a new thought that hadn’t been entertained before?  What if one found in this feeble exploration an aha that would subsequently create stirrings of mind and imagination?

Letting loose words and thoughts, ideas and ruminations left too long dormant introduces the potential for much to arise and wonders to offer miracles of their own.

Let’s probe those words and ideas just to see what may occur.  Will you join me as we undertake this renewed journey together?

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  1. glad to see you back at it!!!!!!!!!

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