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Retirement is for Seniors

Retirement is the time when it is possible to make some choices that have been delayed for years. Pre-retirement was always providing for someone else, taking care of the current demands, doing a project on the house, meeting college tuition, purchasing a car, putting other things above what we really wanted to do.

Finally, enough circumstances are aligned with the stars that we can consider making beneficial choices for ourselves. So, what is it we what to do?  What, among the myriad of choices we enjoy doing most, will we decide to do?  What might we do that would induce or produce the least guilt?  Is it really okay to spend money on us, doing exactly what we have always wanted to do?  Is it international travel?  Is it purchasing a time share where we commit to going once a year?  Is it taking a cruise?  Is it spending money and time in Las Vegas?  Is it going to some hideaway, just the two of us, for a romantic adventure.  Is it flying to New York City for a week full of five star restaurants and plays?

Seize the Now!

How will any of these impact our budget?  Will we worry that we are being too self indulgent?  Can we seniors just go and do and enjoy and not allow the troublesome second thoughts?

Before the storm clouds gather, before the spectre of illness becomes too ominous, isn’t it time to put something together that rewards you for a life of hard work, marital dedication, frugal decisions that helped your life come together into the present dream it has become?

If the answer to these or most of these questions is yes, then proceed to read further. Choose a destination, work out the itinerary, establish an outside budget, make your reservations or choices and get on with it. In another year, after more delays, excuses, delays, circumstances will have discouraged you enough that that could be the death knell to any such opportunity.  Take advantage of the now. You deserve it.  It is time.  It is your time.  Go for it.

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