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Seniors Thinking About Moving Abroad

With the downside of so much that seems to be dominating the American experience, Seniors are beginning to look at the prospect of living abroad. It is no folly, nor is it a slight fantasy.  Much of the cultural disruption in America today seems to be driven by negative and unpleasant experiences offering the chance to look at other options.

While holding on to many of the qualities of the American experience, there are others which seem to emphasize the downside.  Living Abroad has its romantic qualities.  Among them, it is possible to live quite frugally, offering the opportunity to live in tolerable year round climates, owning real estate at a bargain rate, and enjoying a life style that is comfortable and free of tensions.

Consider the Downsides

There are downsides, as living anywhere will reveal.  Therefore, while dreaming in your hammock of a tropical paradise, one should make an extended visit to such a place to explore and identify the downsides. A vacation, consisting of more than just a few quick days sunning on the beach, is an absolute requirement.  An intense overview which takes into account all the negatives, instead of just dwelling on the pleasures, will be a must.

Some suggestions:  Take enough money along to live as you would if you were a resident.

Identify domiciles in which you would be relatively comfortable residing.

Check out access to practical needs.

What do you enjoy doing?  Are such amenities offered?

Depending on age and health, can your physical requirements be addressed?

If an emergency calls you back home, will you have planned for that?

Give yourself permission to talk it over and over.

When you have, if  doubts persist try out another location to make comparisons.

Beware of impulsive decisions that lock you into choices that may not serve you well.

Put a time limit on your stay that allows for you to exit comfortably.

Be aware of what you need to take along and what you won’t need.

Prepare yourself for a comfortable life style that will enable you to be free of stress.

Keep making your own list that addresses the potential influences that you will meet.

Having worked over your list, review it periodically so that you are clear just what you may need to be prepared for most eventualities.

These are only a partial review of what will be important in your planning.  Remember you will be adopting and adapting to a whole new life style.  Preparation will help insure its enjoyment and experience.

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