Lifestyle Alterations for Seniors

Jan 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Coming to retirement introduces a wide variety of choices in your lifestyle.  Most people look forward to  more relaxed, congenial and stress free days.  Depending upon both your nature and the plans that have been put in place, it is possible to reach this plateau of comfort and serenity.

Of course, there will be surprises and some minor shockwaves that may affect  your hopes for such a tranquil existence.  Those come because of health issues, economic surprises, family tensions, adjustment challenges, etc. This latter, adjusting to retirement, is no small undertaking.  Lifestyle alterations may create enough shaking of the foundations and acceptance of the changes which come with retirement that those experiences may introduce difficulties of peace of mind and overall satisfaction.When this is the case, the need for a third party may be advised and wise.

Let’s start with some simple propositions:

  • Decide what you are willing to release and what you need to keep by way of comfortable habits and routines.
  • Work out your household and overall budget on an annual basis.  Do not keep secrets, unless it is the gift you have bought for a special occasion.
  • Share insights to determine how responsibilities will be effectively and equally divided.
  • Determine the value of compromise and patience in dealing with each other on a 24/7 calendar.
  • Simple changes such as changing your dressing style, deciding on work that can be done cooperatively and others which will be assigned: errands, heavy lifting (requiring outside help), caring for pets, if any, seasonal yard tasks, keeping the books, paying the bills, etc.
  • Respect the need for the other’s right of privacy, participation in certain individual activities, e.g. clubs, organizations, sports and so on.
  • Try to work out plans that will include how to manage travel opportunities, unforeseen issues, e.g. parents facing illness,  the care and keeping of grandchildren, how entertaining will be hosted, etc.
  • Because of the differences which emerge, some anticipated, some not, develop a healthy approach to problem solving which will include frequent sit down, face to face conversations and compromises. 

Be ready for whatever comes. Retirement is a new test of your original vows to one another.  It will also require resiliency and fortitude to sustain your love and ability to grow in a healthy way with each other in your remaining years.

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