Let Me Know the Next Time You Drive!

Dec 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Searching for a parking spot in a well known super store lot, left me in fear and trembling.

There were persons who never looked back to see if someone were approaching, as they were backing out. There were drivers who lurched right and left and stopped suddenly without regard for anyone in any direction. There were those coming from the wrong direction down the lane, seeking a way to extract a parking lot by wedging themselves in, in spite of the impending approach of another vehicle.

Now, this is not to imply that all of these drivers fall into the category of senior citizens. Some had to be simply discourteous, rude, ignorant or captives of bad driving habits. A lot of us can fall under any one or more of these categories.

Just one request: please notify me when you are next on the road, any road, any area, any parking lot, anywhere. Show the courtesy of at least putting us on notice that you are going to be out there, among us, wielding your vehicle as a weapon.

Since that is not likely to happen, could you at least think about what your automotive behavior is doing to the streets and highways, the emotions and blood pressure of some of us who try to pay attention to what is happening around us. Defensive driving is not only a well recommended practice, but just plain necessity. Survival on the road means looking out for yourself AND everyone else.

At night, around dusk, please turn on your lights. It doesn’t save your battery or extend its life by leaving them off. It may extend mine and possibly yours.

Remember, especially in the holiday season (and anytime else), not to drink and drive. It makes the rest of us downright MADD to see people so oblivious of their own and other’s well being.

Keep your car in good repair. Coming up on someone whose rear lights aren’t working, brake lights don’t function, signal lights are never used is a guessing game as to what is happening in the car ahead.

By the way, no matter how big your vehicle or how fast you choose to come up behind me, I refuse to alter my driving to satisfy your deadline. I don’t want to be dead, just because you need to be ahead of me on the road.

Those arrows in parking lots by the way mean something. They are not suggestions, they are directions. If an arrow points right, that means a right turn from that lane, etc. Or, do I need to get more specific and detailed. Stop and Yield signs apply no matter your age or size vehicle and number of cylinders. Sometimes it appears that IQ’s in drivers are measured by the number of spark plugs under the hood. Eight is still not very high.

When you are out driving, decide you will give consideration to others and finally yourself by checking your ability and attention to be on the road. Some famous cliché editor once proposed: “Remember, the life you save may be your own!” Old, worn, but still true.

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