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Laughing Keeps Senior Hearts Healthy

It’s never too late to cultivate and encourage your sense of humor.  That is one of the dispositions that gives us reason to be every day.  Finding humor in so many aspects of life enables a view of life that encourages good health, a sane spirit, an attitudinal perception of day to day living that makes it all worth it.

In the face of so much downside stuff in these past months, an election of negatives, storms of overwhelming proportions, mean world leaders goading each other about possible war, expensive prices on ordinary stuff, it is no wonder having a sense of humor becomes something of a challenge.

Probably, it is worthwhile to sort out all kinds of sources for humor.  My chiropractor is a guy with a wonderful sense of humor.  While manipulating my bones and massaging my muscles, he is constantly sharing a series of funny remarks.  It lessens the pain almost as much as the adjustment.

Responding is All About Choices

When going through one’s economic circumstances, having a sense of humor about the fiscal folly of your spending is a good way to dispel financial anxiety.

When you hear a strange noise coming from under the hood of your car or emanating from a major appliance, look for something to laugh about.  Crying won’t solve the problem.  Might as well laugh.

Maturity allows for a variety of helpful choices.  When feeling gloomy, find humor in anything you can.  When despair tempts you to be down, detour to some activity that is pleasant and makes you laugh or at least smile.

When you feel a cold or an ache or a discomfort attacking your body, take charge by watching a comedy or listening to a comedian.  Let your mind take over by making choices that lend themselves to feeling better about yourself. Reading a book of anecdotes is another way to give your spirits a lift.

In the midst of trials give yourself over to ways to feel good about where you are and what you can do to suppress those attitudes that leave out humor.

In other words, smile first, frown later.

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