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Romance for Seniors

Routine for seniors can be a major downer.  When romantic experiences, notions, actions, stimulations and lack of variations enter your life, it is important to identify the causes and correct them ASAP. Romance is one of the elements of a relationship that needs daily provocation.

Staying alert to those occasions in your married life is like paying attention to your diet, exercise, brain activity, social interrelationships, and overall good health.  Taking romance for granted will introduce boredom and lack of interest in the primary relationship that keeps everything else in your life’s routine going well.

My spouse and I have been married 37 years.  Daily attention to the dynamics which keep that primary and well motivated is an essential  means for cultivating happiness and insuring a healthy romantic relationship.  All of the elements of a happy existence come by paying attention to your partner and doing everything you can to assure that your partner receives the signals and messages of a caring spouse.

Marriage Comes First

The primacy of a well managed relationship is an indication of the quality of that relationship. Having a well maintained partnership is one way to sustain that partnership.  As painful as it is to admit, some relationships deteriorate from lack of appropriate attention being paid to one another.

As important as a healthy regimen of exercise, keeping up with vitamins and  prescribed medications, cultivating and expressing genuine affection to your partner will help keep romance in your life.  Paying attention to moods, behaviors, staying in touch with how your partner is doing on a daily basis all are as important as participating in keeping the house organized, issues of home management addressed and all the other particulars that emphasize the team work necessary in a a positive relationship.

Maintaining a sweetheart atmosphere will be a natural for keeping romance in your life and an obvious part of your behavior in your daily interaction. Valentine’s Day nears, giving you the occasion to emphasize how delicious your partnership really is.


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