Just Forget It!

Mar 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

So you have misplaced your nail trimmer. Just forget it! Some things are just not worth the time, fret or energy to try to find. Now, if you have lost your wallet or car keys or eye glasses or cell phone, these come under the head of a different horse.

Separating the sufficiently important from the inefficiently unimportant is one of life’s best lessons. We often choose to major in minors, thus derailing ourselves from the main track whose destination is our primary goal to begin with. Going off on tangents serves nothing more than a brief fantasy excursion which is likely not a tourist route anyway.

Some things just need to come under the rubric of JUST FORGET IT! Spend no time searching, fretting, stewing over things you can’t do a lot about. Particularly, don’t sweat the small stuff. Once we have accomplished the goal of finding what it is we think we have to recover, we have taken the time to do many productive things with our time. Which is more important, the question is, the lost item or the lost time. Item or Time, which will it be?

If over the years one were able somehow to account for all the lost time looking for lost items, I’ll bet we would love to recover the time. And the lost items? Likely, we don’t even remember what they were.

Next time you misplace something you think you just must find, weigh the item against the likely time spent trying to find it. If the item weighs less than 2 ounces, unless it is a diamond ring or some other extremely valuable bauble, just forget it.

Next time you are asked by someone in the household to help find something they have misplaced, give them this list before proceeding:

*How critical is the item to your immediate health and welfare?

*If you find it, will life be any better off, than waiting to just pick up another one or give it a rest for a few days until it shows up?

*If it is found, will it be in a place that will embarrass once it is discovered? If so, do you really want it found?

*Once it is found, will you promise never, ever to misplace it again?

*Is it likely better off you just forget it?

Maybe this advice will save you a lot of time and embarrassment. Remember, Time or Item!

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