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Spirit Life for Senior Citizens

Cultivating  one’s  spirit life is among the agendas many, who grow older, take on for themselves.  It becomes a priority which seems to give life meaning.  It takes a variety of forms and methods and leaves one with a sense of purpose. It requires discipline, conscientious commitment and practice.

Some choose a daily devotional style, in which readings, meditation and journaling assist one’s efforts.  Others choose to sit in complete silence.  Still others read from a guide or the Bible or other spiritual source.  Some invite one or more persons to join them in their discipline, whatever form it takes.

Meditation, by definition, however is ordinarily a very private experience.  It omits ritual and interaction with others.  It is seen as a means for centering one’s spirit and maintaining a sense of quiet, uninterrupted thought, prayer or total silence.

Taking on the practice of enabling a spirit life usually means that there is not just one way to come to it.  There is not just one guide to follow.  There are numerous means for arriving at a “spiritual” place and attitude.  Drawing from this variety of sources will likely increase one’s level of openness and open mindedness.   Being guided exclusively and only by one’s life experiences and orientations leaves out the prospect of widening a spiritual journey.

Checking your own biases and “religious” rigidities as you begin to engage in your journey means that you are aware that the adventure of spirit engagement is not pre-defined. Spirit, by definition, takes on a whole universe and beyond of possibilities. Knowing when and how to receive the gift of spirit is part of the journey. Knowing when and how to relax in its presence and receive its signal to move on helps one to relinquish control.

Doing so enables your next occasion when the spirit calls and you respond.

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