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Human Decency – it’s really rather simple

The author is unknown for this piece which is titled Human Decency.  As always, if the author can be identified, SCJ will be pleased to give appropriate credit.  It has been edited for use here:

We are the decent people of the world;

We are the great majority, for most people are decent.

There are several billion of us on the earth

We live on all Nations; we live under many flags,

We want to live quietly and enjoy life’s simple pleasures;

We want a chance to think our own thoughts, live our own lives.

We want our sons and daughters to save, not to slaughter.

We want our children to grow up without fear of death.

We believe that this is a beautiful universe, and that it is meant for love not hate.

The only thing we desire to conquer are disease and poverty and failure and unhappiness.

One Human Body in the Universe

We believe that, if a person is decent and high minded, the language he/she speaks, the color of skin doesn’t matter.

We, the decent people in every corner of the world, must wage an eternal battle against hate, intolerance, greed and all other mental poisons that create wars.

Guns and bombs only destroy what we the decent people must build up against;

The time has come to speak up for human decency!

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