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Memories From My Youth

I remember an elderly couple, to whom I was related, with whom I stayed in Houston a number of years ago. I was there for a major youth event sponsored by the then Methodist Church.

The incidentals of the occasion have almost escaped me.  It was during my high school days.  Being active in the youth activities of the church exposed me to a variety of experiences and eye opening encounters.   Having grown up in a modest east Texas town, every experience outside that limited and limiting circle made for enriching wonders.

The couple, by now, had reached gentle maturity.  My greatest regret is that I had so little time with them, so little opportunity to plumb the depths of their life experience.  Each morning we would assemble around the small breakfast table, enjoy the repast, but more than that we were bonding, two generations, two sides of the same family, two marvelously different backgrounds, two insights into the world as it was becoming.

The Joy and Treasure of Memories

Their family background included having grown up in the home of a prominent Methodist preacher in Houston.  His reputation was widely known.  They were devoted Methodists and disciplined in that devotion.  Each morning, over breakfast, we paused for a devotional moment, which sprang from the depths of their life long commitment.  Their indelible marks upon me are still there.  While I remember them only vaguely, I cherish what was a moment in time and a treasure forever.  I hold them in high respect.  I recall their subtle, but genuine, influence upon me.

What joys and hidden treasures lie in our memories.  What incredible influences still are a part of us, if we will only, but very carefully, scratch among those times to uncover something of inestimable worth.

They are gone now.  I am much older.  I have taken many roads.  I don’t even know when their roads ended.  I know our roads converged and my life was made larger and richer and finer because of two people who shared what they understood about living with a young teen age boy.

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