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One Week to Christmas

One more week.  One week from today and it will all come to its magnificent crescendo of celebration and happiness and shared joy as we celebrate the spirit of the season.

It will be acted out in super numerous ways.  While observations will vary, the occasion itself offers much to everyone.  While not all mark the day in identical ways, it is a time for reflection and peace, two calming experiences that lend themselves to our coming together as human beings with much in common. In the First World War, a time was set aside in which both sides observed a brief armistice.  Peace fell on the battlefields of Europe and mankind understood, at least for a moment, that the quest for santiy and tranquility is universal.

So, this time, may such emotions be universally widespread.  May our respect for one another be expressed in our thoughts, prayers, acts of devotions, carols of love, rituals of our faith, whatever name it is called. May our declarations and resolutions take on not a transient moment of calm, but a permanent sense of respect for one another.  May our battles, waged over such artificial differences, be quelled.  May our love be made sincere and strong as we look upon one another as a part of the creative erergy of the spirit that is powerful and forgiving and altogether loving.

May we come together, not just on one day, but seek to find the means to do so everyday. Our world is fragile.  Our time is stressful, but our spirits can be strong and our resolutions to be brothers and sisters prepared to help make this time, our time, a moment for peace and hope.

In the Spirit that strengthens us all to be better,


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