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Not Again!

Most American towns, that were of any size during the Second World War, offered mostly young men in the service of the country. Those towns and cities now have monuments and statues commemorating their contribution to fighting and sometimes dying in that war. Towns and cities in America honor the brave men and women who fight and die to preserve our freedom.

Parks and special commemorations mark the many who served and those who died. Our time seems to be scarred, however, with a new phenomenon. Will special markers be placed at those spots where our own have killed our own? This is no proud achievement, like those of earlier times. This is a form of insanity, disturbance, a heaviness on the land that we surely do not wish to celebrate. It is more a time for finding ways to stop the madness and violence than to perpetuate it.

It is a time for crying out: NOT AGAIN! It is a time for the decent people of our land to find reasonable and honorable ways to put a stop to this demeaning behavior that steals even younger of our future heroes before they can become heroes.

There Is No Honor in Carrying Guns

There is no honor in carrying a weapon with the intent of scattering its hate and venom and anger and disturbed notions on anyone. Guns need control. If people can’t be controlled, then surely some of the worst of the heinous crimes against humans can be stopped by eliminating the weapons which, in the hands of some, become poison to others.

If those who are younger seem to be the perpetrators of gun violence, then why not increase the age of those who can be licensed? Perhaps if older people, like us, were the only ones allowed to purchase guns for hunting, then there would be less guns in the hands of fewer users.

When will the compassion we express at the time of horrible tragedy be translated into acts of prevention? It is as if weapons are life giving, instead of life taking. It is as if the act occurs in a vacuum. It is as if that terrible moment that “can’t happen here” can’t, but always does. When shall reason prevail over affection for guns that aren’t kept from the hands of those who would use them wrongly? When shall those who cry their tears upon the latest news of another painfully wrenching experience touching families and children and young and old become means for helping to stop it?

When shall we cry out with depth of meaning, profound finality: “NOT AGAIN?”

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