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Looking for Meaning

The senior excursion to the very popular Barrett Jackson Auction revealed a horde of older persons, particularly men, whose search for meaning continues even yet. There are all kinds of searches that attract us.  One just passed by while typing this.  It was a Porsche.  Others find their satisfaction in meaning and activity in all kinds of pursuits.  That’s okay, and as it should be.  Meaning is something as crucial to our being as breathing, walking, thinking, finding something to do.

It may also be found in spiritual pursuits.  A pastor friend has written a book called “Living the Questions.”  It is a desirable and intellectually honest means for exploring spiritual dimensions of living without getting tangled up in literalism. It is a challenge to one’s ability to stretch.  We need more of that spiritually, emotionally and philosophically.

Finding Meaning in Life

Finding meaning is often a quest that keeps challenging us to be about allowing our minds and hearts and spirits to move away from a stodgy, “it’s this way or no way” position. Hard as it may be on occasion, giving permission to continue the search often means having to change our minds, being confronted with altering our attitudes.

Persons who are open to a world of new wonders and previously unexplored ideas are persons whose lives are subject to continuing growth.  Defending concepts that are outmoded, attempting to hold tenaciously to past, well worn, but questionable paths, that do not lead us to healthy change contribute to hardening of the arteries, literally and figuratively.

Looking for Meaning is a good way to keep an energized spirit and attitude. It is a recommended course for a lively sense of perpetual commitment to staying on the course of longer life and a happy existence.  The only thing better than looking for meaning is finding it.   So long as the search continues to find it, you will be in the category of those for whom meaning is a continuing, ever changing undertaking.

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