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What Have We Learned?

Pre-election posts on my Facebook page were so interesting, and challenging, to read. My friends, knowing I am a retired social worker and educator, posted many comments that favored providing much-needed assistance to women and children (Jesus referred to them as ‘widows and orphans’.)  Other comments supported the progress our country has made in the past four years with universal healthcare, eliminating some major terrorists in the world and hope for college tuition and immigration reform.

Other friends, knowing I am a retired social worker and educator, posted comments totally foreign and alien to my values.  They supported the need (?) to protect tax cuts for the wealthy, keep those ‘freeloaders’ off the welfare system and blind-slashing of spending to reduce the deficit.


Post Election Musings

Post-election relief is now setting in.  The majority of people in our country still value kindness, being genuinely good and helpful with our neighbors, avoiding spiteful behavior and finding responsible ways to continue to address the many problems facing America today. Sharing our resources and being available to help and provide assistance to others in need is still where most Americans are today.  Most.

My prayer and plea today is for all of us to come together now. Forgo the impulse to ‘get back’ at the majority of Americans who voted on the Democratic side.  Confront the uneducated who continue to slander and make racial epithets about our President.  Let us join hands and come to the table together to face and solve our ongoing problems and issues.

Let us genuinely Love Our Neighbors and let us be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

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