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Weekends Where You Live

In small town or large city, almost anywhere seniors live, there is a multiplicity of activities available every weekend. Most of those activities are generated by small business owners and non profit clubs who give a  shot in the arm to their community.

Approaching holidays, no matter what they celebrate the quantity and quality of those events seem to multiply with unanimous participation and energized enthusiasm.  It is a worthy thing that communities are blessed with persons who have the dedication, skill and willingness to bring off these festive events.

Wherever you live there are options galore for your own investment of participation, contribution, and committed giving to whatever is happening in your own home town.

Weekend Activities for Seniors

Check the local paper, keep up with Twitter and Facebook so you may be apprised of what is going on or coming up in your town. It will enable you to have a good weekend and your friends and family who participate with you to show your loyal support to the town that helps make life interesting will be an extra bonus.

On a weekend when a patriotic theme is cause for recognition, all the more reason to put yourself in the middle of the activity and occasion.  On a holiday when there is more reason to cook up all kinds of involvements, tributes, reasons to make the day or days especially delightful, meaningful and full of things to do, there is little excuse not to be in the middle of all of it.

So this weekend, and almost all of them between now and just after the first of the New Year, mark your calendar, post reminders, call your favorite people, encourage others to be a big part of what’s coming up. Living out the joy of being a part of such delightful energy stimulating times will give you reason to feel good and take pride in the town where you live, the people you know, the things that are available for you to do.

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