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Seniors Need Encouragement

With bad news abounding, there is enormous need for encouragement and uplift in these days approaching the end of the year. Some espouse their peculiar discoveries for inspiration in unusual methods.  Others are content to find solace in traditional rituals.  Still others seek and seem to find theirs through exotic connections.

Whatever works well for you is worth pursuing.  Whatever gives you encouragement and strength in these times of difficulty is to be recommended.  When standing in line for gas or food, one needs something to ponder other than the line’s slow movement and the crowd’s growing impatience.  When life is blocked by a reality that makes the day feel miserable then is the moment for finding relief and sustenance of the spirit.

This is not just a test, this matter of developing a means for coping, this is life. It is life for right now, where we are, under whatever conditions, in whatever circumstance.  It will pass.  But its passing may be a time of misery and heartache and despair.  Keeping at bay the troublesome times that are attacking soul and body right now is no easy undertaking.  Ache is real.  Loss is profound.  Empathy is needed.

The negatives of living can be overwhelming.  The need for recovery seems to persist when little progress seems to be evident.  That is when the strength of courage and the determination of will need to be called into play.  While not easy and coming with no guarantees, your own power and the reinforcement of others will make a difference.

Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit

Grief is real.  Grieving hurts.  Giving yourself time to heal is as important as picking up the scattered debris of your life. Healing means crying in the arms of a neighbor.  Healing means accepting whatever aid there is.  Healing means keeping anger at bay.  Healing means calling upon spirit and allowing spirit to join spirit.  Healing means finding reassurance and reinforcement in and from others.  Healing means picking up your life and moving on.

Those of us who aren’t so intimately touched by the horror of disaster can be present to those who are.  Our own empathy and readiness to offer whatever, however we can, needs to be energized and then multiplied.

Now is the moment of our mutual connection, our willingness to be with another and others as they pass through their own distraught moments.

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