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Dealing with Pain

The difficulty in getting up is just deciding to. Lately it has become more difficult to decide.  This calls for determination.  Aches, pains and assorted discouragements would win the day, if it weren’t for a dollop of determination.  One of the maladies of aging is coping with the aches and pains that come with it. OTC ointments, salves, and other essential cure-alls suggest it is quite easy to do away with the attack of the pain monster.

A 30 second commercial offers ready reinforcement for heading off any and all peril of pain, just by popping a pill or rubbing a salve or engaging in some other promised instant remedy.  They have been around for centuries.  They offer more than they can likely produce.

Choices Make a Difference

Attitude helps when undertaking the battle of spirit vs. bodyMaking up one’s mind that pain will not be superior to the soul’s sincere desire to have a good day, free of misery is a choice.  We have all known persons whose claim to identity is through a careful recitation of their bodily condition.  Following a run down of today’s latest develoments, the individual seems to experience some relief.  Perhaps the need is attention rather than cure.  Perhaps the only way to achieve recognition is to list the several disclaimers of why one’s body isn’t functioning so well.

Another of the possibilities is that one’s identity is caught up in the autobiography of a life lived in and with pain.  Not much to say for one’s otherwise opportunity to live a life of interaction in healthy and good ways with others.

Deciding that pain will not be the motivating force of one’s identity and existence is to choose a whole different frame of reference.  Eating well, resting well, being well means following a discipline of staying well. Staying well means having a disposition that is pleasant from the moment of waking to the slumber of a night of welcome rest.  It means awaking with a smile and a ready drive  for a new day, a spirit that gives to others.  Giving is always curative, and living well is always a first thing in the day choice.

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