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Letting Go

It almost feels like a mini tornado has hit our home.  We are in the process of moving. Boxes galore, plastic sacks filled with garbage, disarray and disorder prevail.  It is not a comic scene, it is something straight from a Hoarder’s dream.  With so much to sort and discard, it seems as if we could have been living in a house half the size, had we tossed a lot of stuff earlier.  Do our possessions own us?

Making the declaration, as we go through things that have been with us 40 years and more, that this is our last move seems only slightly noble.  Why didn’t we see what was coming?

Oh well, here we are and now is the time to make the hard choices.  It is literally an against the wall time.  For, in fact, we will be moving into space half the size we now occupy.  We will be packing our things in a truck that holds only so much.   We will wonder every time we seal another box, did we rid ourselves of everything we could?

At 70 plus, it is past time to be about the discipline of sorting and ridding all the things we held which had sentimental value.  It is time to realize that this chapter of the book concludes with our having the grit to  let loose of our accumulations. It was fun to collect them.  It was a joy to show them off.  It was a part of our identity.  But now all of that has changed.  It is time to be freed of what helped make us.  But now that we are here, it is time to take charge.  Share, give, toss, discard now become the watch words.  With every item, the judgment must be made.  Why do I need to keep this?

The march goes on.  The tune is playing.  The struggle to release and be released continues. Taking charge will demonstrate that you don’t have to keep everything to feel good about yourself.  Sadness and sentiment will emerge for a while.  But, when you have chosen the better part, to keep less and share more, to live free and be richer for it will be a picture of your new self.

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