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The Lull Before the Storm

This may be the lull before the storm.  The forecast suggests that a hurricane may wander into Florida in just days. Its impact could offer heavy destruction to Haiti, yet again.  Thousands of Haitians are still living under the despair caused by an earlier earthquake.  If this hurricane hits, what will be the plight of those already suffering despair beyond description.

Unfortunately the focus may be on Tampa, where gather a bunch of political junkies who await crowning their nominee for president.  That gathering and its “trumped” up enthusiasm is far less important on the scale than those who have little to eat, no warmth to relieve their perilous plight. Putting everything else on hold would seem to be the humane thing to do.  How important is it to have a convention that everyone knows the outcome?  How critical is it to play out a drama, which has already declared its conclusion?. Would it not be evidence of real and genuine dedication to fellow human beings for those gathered in Florida to exercise compassion, instead of playing at politics while “Rome burns?”

Demonstrate Compassion…  Talk is Cheap

In the midst of a storm, when the waves rage upon the shore, would it not be an example of genuine compassion to drop the “business as usual” facade and ready a corps of volunteers to be ready? Would those who have planned receptions and parties and get-togethers demonstrate the real soul of their party, if they could forego their festivities to gear up to rescue the victims of yet another disaster?

We live in an interdependent world, where what happens to one affects the many.  Indifference is a plague that is difficult to quell.  Attention to the trivial and mundane  allows us to excuse ourselves from really being “our brother’s keeper.”

Whoever and wherever we are, this week will attest to our commitment and care for one another.

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