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Senior Productive Living for Today

Into the middle of August, still hot, drought deepens, weather continues to be top news, along with hot politics, vacations ending, school about to resume, autumn awaits, storms brew in some quarters.  Such are the conditions as we approach the ninth month of the year.

Many wonder what awaits.  Some fret over the possible outcome.  Some pray for a particular conclusion.  Others shake their heads in confusion and depression.  Who is telling it “like it is?”  Who is setting us up for radical and threatening changes that may hold  frightening prospects?

A few suggestions:

Let not the current tide of events sweep you up in their stormy pounding of the shore.

Let today be better than yesterday and tomorrow be an improvement upon both.

Let world events play themselves out.  While there may be little we can do, whatever we can do will be our contribution.  Make it count.

Find reasons to make everyday a time of spiritual maturing.  Don’t wait for miracles.

Expect that whatever life offers it will be a gift.  Receive the gift.

Offer to others a moment of personal enrichment.  Tell them how precious they are.

Permit your own time of quiet serenity to be your gift to your self.  Let it absorb you.

Look for the unexpected coming your way offering you the benefit of another of life’s  lessons.

Seek out someone needing your presence in their lives.  Give them a positive boost and an uplifting message of strength to make their day.

Be the reward others seek by your being a part of their lives.

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  1. Subway does NOT give a senior discount! If one store gave it at one time, that does not mean it is a nationwide thing. WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN A DISCOUNT PROGRAM FRANCHISE WIDE, other than our $5 footlong promotion in February. I would suggest you remove the Subway brand from your page, because you are upsetting a lot of seniors when they do not get the discount. Out of 35,000+ stores worldwide, it is probably only good at less than a handful.
    The proper way to post the discount is that it as at SELECT stores and to call ahead to confirm.

    You are opening yourself up to a nasty litigation from Subway corporate by having the name associated with incorrect information.

  2. Thanks for your input. SCJ is known for its focus on facts and the research we put into articles. And when we make mistakes, we try diligently to be sure our readers know about the error. Subway has been removed from the Discounts List. We sincerely regret any confusion and difficulty created by our mistakenly including it in the Discounts List.

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