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Meditation for the Spirit

Permission is granted for a period of relaxed meditation as you begin this new week.  Seniors are allowed as long as you wish today to set yourself a frame of mind which offers peace and calm. Do not permit any other interruptions.  This is your time for drifting into silence and serenity.  This is your occasion to give your body and spirit full control of your persona.  This is your opportunity to release yourself from all fret and worry, any anxiety, any despair.  Be  free of the troubles that would pull at you, free yourself of any frustration and troubling thoughts.

Allow as much time as you will.  Go to a quiet place.  Choose an environment that lends itself to solitude. Listen only to the sounds of nature and the quiet murmuring of the wind.  Offer no attention to anything that might interrupt your undisturbed frame of mind. Listen only to that that opens you to further quiet and complete release.

During this time discover that you are capable of deep thought.  Realize your capacity for self discovery.  Let your being be freed of the ordinary.  Permit only the overwhelmingly simple idea of silent acquiescence and total inner freedom.

Calm Body, Mind and Spirit

Be sure you are in a comfortable place.  Choose a chair or other relaxing setting that allows you to be mesmerized by your surroundings.  This is your time.  This is a moment you are allowed to indulge.  This is an opportunity for complete release of spirit and mind and soul and body. Take it and savor every second.  Learn from it.  Be prepared, out of this experience, to repeat it as often as you will.  Recognize there is no greater moment than the complete enjoyment of yourself in silence and serenity.   Engage yourself.  Empty yourself.  Refill your being with pure and pleasant thoughts.

This is your assignment, today.  Accept it with a glad heart and cherish it for all that it will give you.

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