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Spring is On Its Way

Already its March.  Already we are in the throes of spring, not yet officially arrived or declared, but indications abound.  Already senior citizens prepare for the full variety of disclosures that create the season.  Some have made their presence known tragically and suddenly and sadly.  Some sprout magically with vivid color.  Others harbor tasks to be done, weeds to be pulled, trimming and pruning to be addressed.

If you are fortunate enough to live in your own home, you are already beginning to see the chores proliferate, the evidence of challenges to remake your lawn and gardens into a wonderland of spring’s beauty.

Easter is only five short weeks away.  Daylight Savings Time, just one.   St Patrick’s Day urges us to celebrate.  Before we are quite prepared we will be met with graduations, and showers and weddings and other sundry special occasions.  How did it all happen so soon?  After all, it is only early March. How did March become April and April May and May June? One busy, happy and anxiously anticipated day at a time.  Suddenly the days become weeks and weeks become months and before we know it we are at the doorstep of another major moment in our lives and that of our friends and family. We look forward to celebrating it together.  We don’t so much savor all these occasions passing so suddenly, becoming faint memories.   But they do and they will.

Make Your Days Meaningful

Enjoy them before they arrive.  Salute them when they come.  Appreciate all they mean, all they symbolize, as you make room for them in your heart and memory.

Realize that this passage of time is much more than that. It is the accumulation of everything that life means and is. Recognize that the passing of these days is the very essence of living out our happiness, joy, pleasure, satisfaction, reward, anticipations and plans. Don’t rush it. Just give it its time. Allow its particular and peculiar presence. Enjoy its zest. Experience its flavor. There will be more to come, but none will be quite like these. Claim them for your very own!

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