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Celebrating Others From Far Away

Today I’m thinking about celebrating senior friends from a distance, because today is the birthday of one of my favorite people.  Sent a greeting.  Turned out not to say what I would like to say.  Time and distance separate us and prevent our communicating how precious life’s memories and moments can be.  To all those whose special occasions came and went and I was not there, know that when the stimulus of recall prompts, it is always a gift.

Now, there are new friends whose presence have enriched my life.  If I did not know or failed to communicate that a special day came in your life, I ask forgiveness. This is that message that should have been which is superior to never was.

Seniors Enjoy Memories

Among the joys of living is the pleasure of recalling. Sadly, life comes and flees and we are left with only a quick reminder of how precious those persons are who provide our lives with such treasure.  Nonetheless such moments give us Polaroid shots of many such valuable keepsakes.

So the blessing and opportunity is ours to restore those memories and give them room for the pleasure of enjoyment, the richness of unforgettable good times, the reward of happiness repeated.

When a dear friend or loved one slips, if only briefly, into our lives receive them with warm welcome and allow them to stay so long as they may.  Such wonders are like the flowers that bloom in the spring, like the rainbow after a spring rain, like the embrace during those first moments of reunion.

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