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A Senior Citizen’s Musings on New Year Resolutions

On the first full day of my 73rd year, accumulated experience, countless mistakes, stumblings and fumblings, lots of learned lessons, and a continuing series of ups and downs should qualify me for something.  At the least, may I attempt another in a long line of columns which express a world view that works for me?

NEW YEAR’S DAY: the first day of a new year may feel like an opportunity for starting over.  It is not.  We carry some baggage with us from the past.  Some has been discarded, thankfully.  But some remains.  Identifying what in that baggage should not be carried a step further is part of the process of beginning a refreshing new year.

NEW YEAR’S TOMORROWS: Making some major life shifting resolutions will take determination. It will also require an in depth review of the kind of  life altering  behaviors you will want to adopt.  It is much easier just to go along, as we typically do, and leave everything in place.  Not a good choice, but a choice nonetheless.  Theologian Harvey Cox once said, “not to decide is to decide.”

LAST YEAR IS OVER:  Continuing to act upon decisions made last year is a fruitless endeavor.  Let it go.  The fruit has been picked from those trees.  Do not continue to live in the past. Whatever it was like, however it turned out, release yourself from it.  Get up, go on, prepare yourself to do and face what is next.

EXPECT THE GOOD, CHALLENGE THE DISCOURAGING:  While there are no Pollyanna means for making everyday happy, give yourself permission to expect the good. There will be interruptions, glitches, storms that will still come in 2012, decide to discourage their taking up residence with you for extended periods.  Go through the exit door when necessary.  Look for the welcome mat everywhere.

MEET AND GREET THE NEW YEAR : Everyday will be a new one for you to explore and exploit, in the best sense of that word.  Hold down tendencies to be negative, fight off illnesses that destroy confidence and happiness, quell the presence of any who would pull you down and hold you there. Let this be your time to be in charge.  Celebrate it with vigor.  Keep a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator to pull out and draw a swallow or two from, as you remind yourself that every day is new.

Congratulations, dear friends, we have made to 2012!

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