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Seniors Make Each Day Count

Reflect, for just a moment, what it took to get here.  It took 364 days of living, breathing, and preparing for this day.   We really didn’t know we were about such a task, but we were.  For coming to this day, and the few that remain in this year, takes a “heap ‘o livin.”  It takes meeting every day with expectation and strength to make those days count.

And now, we are finally here.  Without being conscious that we were making ready for this day, we were.  For our bosoms long for what this day brings and means.  Our hearts need to be refueled with kindness, thoughtfulness, generous love, consideration for others, a spirit that keeps our attitude rich with compassion and sensitivity.

In order for the year past and the year to come to have any value and significance at all, we will have needed to be about the very intentional task of stirring our souls to be benevolent and loving. Our intentions will now need to become our actions.  Our actions will need to take on sincerity, specifically directed affection.

Intentional and Planned Loving Behavior

How we put all the pieces together to make up this day, and all those in the year to come, will take careful calculation, genuine resolution, and forthright determination.  It doesn’t come on a whim.  It isn’t prompted without thought.  It won’t happen if we don’t want it to happen.  It happens when we care.  It happens when we reach out with hands and heart and arms and take hold of others whose lives long for such as we can offer.

So, today is our day.  It is our day to behave as if it really is a remarkable and extraordinary moment in our lives.  It is that day that lifts us to experience and express new found joy, big-hearted hospitality.  If it doesn’t happen now and with us, how can we expect it to happen for and with others?

Now is our time to demonstrate that “peace on earth, good will to all” is more than an idle wish, but a conviction acted out in humane ways every day of our lives.


Jerry D. and Sharon S. Elrod, Editors

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