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Choose The Positives In Life

Be it therefore resolved that this day is a good morning to BE ALIVEIt is a good morning for awakening to new pursuits, to quelling long held frustrations, to quitting bad habits, to taking care of yourself, to being a person others enjoy, to eating healthy foods, to cultivating a clear mind and encourage a good conscience, to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts of living, to affirm others who mean so much to you, to stand for truth, right, justice, fairness and a world of joy, to be in the game full force and ready to make a difference, to do things you have put off too long, to lift up someone who has fallen, to stand beside someone who needs you, to inspire others with a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, a friendly nod.

If all this isn’t enough for you to have a good day, perhaps you can make your own list, not leaving out an emphasis on cultivating your own spirit, nor forgetting to enjoin the spirit of another.

If all this isn’t enough to bring into focus just how good it is to be alive and part of a world ready just for you to make your mark,  render your contribution, leave it better than you found it, then close your eyes and start over.

If this isn’t enough to stimulate your endorphins into doing something great and good or small and not so notable, then starting over is about all you can really do.

Senior Citizen Inspiration

Evaluating how you meet the morning is a jump start on greeting the day.  Greeting the day is a way of keeping at bay those influences that would spoil an otherwise perfect opportunity to be the person you desire most to be.

Try it for 24 hours and then repeat it daily for 7 additional days.  If at the end of a week, you haven’t made significant transformational progress in your disposition, come back read these suggestions again and see if you can’t alter behaviors that aren’t worth your time or energy.

It really is a good morning to…..

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