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Seniors and Political Elections

About now, the clock is ticking a little too fast for those who are caught up in the outcome of the election.  Time is both enemy and friend.  Enemy to those who feel desperately unsettled about who and whether.  Friend to those who are satisfied with their choice, have made it or will, and satisfied that all will be well.

Like all things affecting our common lives, this too, thankfully, will pass away.  There has been quite enough  slandering invective to last us beyond four years.  While not new to the political experience, the lows to which candidates and campaign manipulators have sunk leaves us with a sour taste in our mouths. There is, for that reason, more than enough time left. How much more is the willing public willing to tolerate?  It is a matter of tolerance, endurance, and turning it all off as well as a matter of shame and surprise.  We are shamed by those who would claim to speak for the American people.  We are surprised to think we would be compliant to their manipulations and machinations.  No more, please, Mr. President and Mr. Romney.  Call off the dogs.  Stop the assumption that we are less than you paint us to be. Allow us the courtesy to be thoughtful enough to see through the falsehoods and insults.

Enough Time for Civility

There is enough time for a more civil discourse, even in these days faced, maybe especially so, with a major storm and the attention of the nation diverted to its outcome. Our neighbors, are in peril.  Our nation faces a major life threatening disaster.  Our own attention, even if not directly impacted, needs to be focused on those who are rushing to insure they survive.

There is enough time if those who are yet to vote, give themselves over to the considerations of consequence if the outcome affects millions, including those who will need FEMA and its federal aid.

There is enough time for those, whose own circumstances may be changed radically if the safety net they have depended upon, is removed or radically changed,  realize that could really happen.

There is enough time for those whose own convictions are such to make it to the polls, no matter what.  There is enough time for the self interest of the few to be challenged by the courage of the many.

Is there enough time?


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