Invite God to Create Again!

Nov 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

So, here we are….a new president-elect, a continuing and frightening economic down turn, probably a redefinition of who we are as a people united. Well, we can only hope “united.”

News out today suggests that gun and ammunition sales are at an all time high. Uh oh! The desperate and hopeless and negative are getting ready, and for what we aren’t yet sure. Someone in our circle recently said how “afraid she was” since Obama was elected. Oh my!

Where do human beings get off deciding that the sky is falling, when it is clear that the sky is still there, where it has always been?

I don’t know about you, but I choose to be on the side of human beings having the chutzpah to get through tough times. History is a favorite subject. We have had both worse and much better presidents than we currently enjoy. After January 20, I choose to be optimistic about what can and may happen to this democracy. Clearly there are those who choose to exploit the situation for their own benefit. They will do and say anything to stir up the people. And some people, it seems, choose to believe all the garbage that is put on the doorstep either in print, over the Internet, across the airwaves, etc.

Have you ever really allowed yourself to be challenged? Have you ever really given yourself permission to get outside the box of stilted, conventional thinking. If not, try it, you’ll like it. The world wasn’t created in seven 24-hour days and ideas didn’t stop being generated at the end of those seven days.

Life is a continuum. It doesn’t quit at the end of your day or life. It keeps moving. Intelligence continues to be generated. New thoughts and ideas emerge daily, constantly, vividly. We can shut our eyes and minds to them, but they keep being pumped out and into our world. Read, explore, discover, dig… find something out there that you have never spent energy thinking about before. You will be amazed how active the “God of creation” is right now, right here, with us!

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