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Realizing Benefits of Aging

Aging brings with it realization.  Realization is an awakening.  An awakening helps us to sort out just who we are as we count down the years.  Defining who we are means that we can look at ourselves, inwardly and outwardly, to determine if we draw satisfaction with that person we call I or me.

Among the important issues that bear scrutiny are these few.  Numerous others obviously emerge and tempt our recognition.  A lot of them certainly are worthy of more than a scant evaluation. .

  • Choosing to allow integrity to have more sway in my life than lack of it.
  • Admitting that I can be wrong, very wrong, and willing to face up to it.
  • Spending more time and energy on compassion than on anger and bitterness.
  • Allowing myself to engage in forgiving behavior.
  • Investing as much time as possible affirming others, who they are, how they behave.
  • Learning that compliments are more helpful than criticism.  Being generous in complimenting others.
  • Sharing times of grief and heartache with others, whose lives are beset by loss or tragedy.
  • Thanking those who have shown kindness and benevolent behavior when I have needed it most.
  • Trying to be mindful of those whose particular life situation could do well by having a strong shoulder to lean on.
  • Listening when another has a need to tell a story, share a burden, reveal a hurt they are dealing with about now.

Maybe these are issues you have already adequately addressed.  Perhaps they spur a few more that may need your review.  Whatever the circumstance, recognize that who we are improves as we see ourselves more clearly and define ourselves more kindly.

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