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Political Election Fallout

For those who are studiously following the season’s political elections, the question looms, after it is all over, how will the world look?

How much of what those who are running have said and preached and proclaimed will influence the picture of our day to day world. A lot? Little? Some? More than we can imagine.

However the world looks, the more provocative question is what will it be like. Will the world take on characteristics that are good for its inhabitants or will it be a threatening and fearful place to live?

More than hoping, those of us who will be a part of that world will need to take on a perspective of participation.

Participation is Required and Crucial

How the world will look will largely turn out to be how we see it. How will we see the world that we have been promised? How will the world be shaped as we continue our journey into the 21st century? How will the world’s peoples find ways to interrelate? How will the world’s prospects for peace be served? How will the world’s leaders negotiate a way to dispel war, put down hunger, allay global mismanagement? How will children be given the chance to be smarter in that world? How will the world’s tensions be decreased? How will intelligence and insight and information guide us?

It is, no doubt, a new world. And how politicians see it and take the initiative to help shape it will make a difference. But the larger difference will be made by you and me, ordinary, everyday people who take seriously our individual roles to help shape that world into something worthy. It will look pretty much the same if we do nothing. It won’t change at all if we don’t believe it can.

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