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 Seniors Choose Living Abroad

Seniors find turmoil difficult to manage Identifying options to reduce such conditions is both a challenge and can be a huge undertaking.  Of increasing consideration for some seniors is the idea of relocating from the United States to an international country, which may offer less tension, turmoil and disruption in daily living.

Not to be entered into lightly, however, this consideration will have about it a variety of issues which will require long term preparation, consideration and evaluation.

Because a radical change introduces numerous adjustment issues, one should be prepared to move into such exploration with objective judgment.  Many of us find when we travel a certain attraction and appeal to the places we visit.  A quick overview of another country, culture, and possible new home is hardly sufficient in making such a decision.

Traveling to the country of choice should include a willingness to engage in serious study of that country in advance.  In addition, a minimum 2 week stay is desirable for discovering the dynamics that are peculiar to that country.  Determining climate appeal, over an entire year, will be a major matter.

Among the generic issues, no matter what country is chosen, include:  language, medical, cost of living, access for travel to other places or countries.  Identifying a domicile that is within your budget will be primary.

Adapting to the culture and identifying persons who may assist you in doing so will be important.  Having an awareness of the ability of family members who will or may want to visit you will need to be taken into consideration.

Getting acquainted with the currency, legal and other visiting issues, depending upon the amount of time you may wish to remain there will require more comprehensive appreciation of the adjustments you will need to prepare for.

Limiting what and how much of your belongings you will want to transport will be a serious consideration.  This will be the time for ridding yourself of much of the accumulations of a lifetime.


Entering into such a decision should be seen for what it is:  a major, seismic and large life’s choice that will carry major considerations.  If you are to make such a decision, do so at a slow pace, be aware of the implications of such a change in your life, ask the serious question, “how long am I prepared to live abroad?”

Other such questions are: “what have I overlooked?   “Do I know anyone who lives or has lived there?” ” What are the big issues that will make a difference in my lifestyle?” “Am I going beyond what is realistic for my age, economic ability, and health issues?”

In the country of choice, are there major upheavals that could be potentially dangerous and disruptive to my situation?

What will be transportation needs and availability?  Can I scale back my life style in order to live more frugally?

The inquiries will be numerous.  Avoiding them can be at your peril.  Accepting an honest evaluation of as many considerations as possible will be to your benefit and credit.

Leave naivete at home.  While there may be opportunity for this to be “a second honeymoon,” be ready for suprises and detours.  If you are able to be flexible and ready for what comes, it is likely you will manage yourself well.

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