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Requests for Donations Growing

How many causes do you suppose seniors can sustain at once? A daily deluge of all sorts of invitations extend a plethora of unwanted, unneeded, unsolicited attempts at getting our attention for one or another effort. Exhausted at the overwhelming numbers of such recruiting devices, I have come to wonder just how many causes we can tolerate.

How many are really worthy of our interest, deserving of our energy, poised to have our commitment?  Are they all genuinely dedicated to causes that can and will make a real difference in working at improving the world?  How many of them are just rip offs?  How many are scams?  How many are just another way to drain off our money?  How many are nothing more than tricks?

Suggestions for Managing Requests

Junk mail abounds in many senior households. We have more junk in the mail than real substance. Here’s a suggestion:  Why not recycle all that junk mail into fire starters for a glorious means of warmth during winter days?

Another suggestion: Write RETURN to Sender on the envelope and do so!

Yet Another: Do not share your address with any one.

And one more: Write ‘Do not send materials of any kind to this address now or ever’ on the solicitation and return it in the pre-addressed/stamped envelope!

Eventually solicitors will begin to get the message.  Returning enough of these attempts at getting our attention will discourage their sending more.  Burning enough messages of whatever genre, will send enough smoke signals that new wars will be waged and victories for our side won!

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