How Do I Decide When It’s Time for a Hearing Aid?

Oct 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors everywhere face a series of potentially debilitating health issues. The aging process is full of a variety of breakdowns in our physical health. For example, many senior citizens face hearing loss. Thank goodness hearing aids are available to compensate. However, how in the world do I decide it’s time for a hearing aid? Here are some tests for making that determination:

)How many times a day do I ask someone to repeat what they just said?

)How often do I find myself pretending to have heard when I really didn’t?

)How often does my spouse, partner or significant other point out my hearing is increasingly an obvious disability?

)How do I overcome my vanity to have a hearing test?

)How do I find a facility that is not going to just try to sell me a product?

)How do I deal with the outlay of what feels like an exorbitant cost for these devices?

)How do I make sure that from among all the products available I am getting the one that will work for me best and will not break my bank?

)How do I go in for a test and reduce my defenses so that I may deal objectively with the outcome?

Okay, here are the tests! Now print this and have your spouse, partner or significant other ask you these questions one by one. Have them give you feedback on your responses. If you and he/she dealt with them openly and honestly, you should be ready to take the next step: denial, affirmation and action, or delay.

Here’s to good hearing!

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