Seniors: How Are You Doing Taking Care of Others?

Aug 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The economy has shaken every facet of modern American life.  Charitable institutions, with every kind of program and cause, are among those groups experiencing a downturn in their much needed income.  Food Banks, homeless shelters, foster children needing care, temporary housing, generic operations such as Red Cross and Salvation Army and other sectarian groups all are facing unprecedented demands upon their assistance.  Lines are long, need is desperate, numbers are overwhelming.

It ain’t a pretty picture.  But it is a picture that both illustrates the need and the situation facing such volunteer aid efforts.  Disasters, natural and daily in every hometown, continue to strike.  More and more persons are being laid off.  More and more children are experiencing hunger and the embarrassment of not having sufficient basic needs. 

So what’s to do?  Our role, who are still in positions encouraging enough to have resources to share, is to begin finding ways to contribute those resources.  It may be volunteer activity at a Meal Serving agency, assistance in repairing homes of the elderly, transportation for persons to purchase groceries or visit a food bank, trips to the doctor requiring assistance,  and the list continues for pages.  Look up volunteer activities, find something fitting to your capabilities, interest and commitment.  Our role is to demonstrate basic samatarian service, compassionate caring, available hands and feet.  Our need is to challenge the stereotype that people in need deserve to be in their predictament.  That is an attitude lacking in understanding the reminder “inasmuch as you did it to the least of these.” 

Today’s column is short.  Add the sweetness to it by finding ways to be present in the lives of people who are undergoing the heartache of want and the deprivation of basics.

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