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Compassion is a Verb

In my senior-citizen-view, there is no way the present tension in Congress can be resolved by ignoring the forgotten and overlooked. America has long sought to care for those whose needs are greater than their abilities to meet them.

The present state of mind  that seeks to resolve economic issues by forgetting and overlooking the misplaced, unfed, and poorly housed, uneducated among us may as well declare America as unfit for human habitation.  When there is no longer any motivation to compassion then our liberties and justice for all have been left on the junk heap of history.

The caretakers of those who are forgotten and overlooked are increasingly denying any responsibility for those who day after day live without.  Without food, without sleep, without shelter, without employment, without prospects of employment to better their circumstances.  Ere long this can lead to but one dead end:  a Country without compassion is a country with no soul.

Regaining Our Collective Conscience

In the course of one week, the kinder parts of our nature reach out to lift up and rescue those met by utter disaster, through no fault of their own.  How about the woman struggling with incurable cancer?  How about the man, with no family, no access to food, dying under a local bridge?  How about children who are left penniless and afraid?  How about those who wait for Meals to arrive, but no meals are funded?  How about the countless persons who are on the edge of death, because no cure can be discovered, for lack of funding?  How about those who have just given up?

In 1975, a major tornado struck Omaha, Nebraska.  The religious community, numbering more than a dozen entities, responded with a proactive presence. As those who had been most painfully affected by the crisis began to return to some normalcy, the question was asked of the religious organizations that had cobbled together a ready response:  “We were there in the face of the immediate needs, now what shall be done about the everyday needs?

The response was the continuation of the religious community’s commitment to be present to the everyday crises.  The organization still is active today.  The name of the organization:  Together, Inc.  For more than 38 years, this crisis inspired effort has continued to offer assistance, aid, and advocacy beyond the ordinary.

If the lack of caring across America is no better than the petty infighting that would turn its back on the real, human struggles of real human beings our nation has not only lost its soul and conscience, but its reason to be.

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