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Easy Home Break-Ins Described

The home garage door offers one of the best options for thieves to break in to senior citizens’ homes. With the assistance of a small block of wood and a coat hanger, as described in this link, a garage door can be opened in about six seconds. And this kind of break in is becoming increasingly common.

Seniors use a variety of methods to increase their safety and reduce possibility of burglary, including alarm systems (monitored or not), security cameras and intricate locking systems on exterior doors. However, none of these prevents a burglar from getting in through the garage door and subsequently the door to the home (from the garage) which is most often left unlocked.

Home Protection is Possible

A device has been invented that can be installed on the ‘L’ or ‘J’ section of the automatic garage door assembly that prevents burglars from accessing the emergency rope used when the garage door has to be opened manually. That device prevents thieves from hooking on to the rope with a coat hanger and disengaging the automated system so the door can be easily opened manually from the outside. This video describes both how thieves break in and the device that makes breaking in through the garage door impossible.

Readers are encouraged to get more information via the Internet about how to protect against home breakins and consider having the Garage Door Armor device installed.

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