Holiday Greetings to Our Readers Everywhere

Nov 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The other day I overheard a clerk wish a customer Happy Holidays.  My reaction was “What was she talking about, it’s not that time yet.”  But indeed it was and is.  I had just not clicked in how near the holidays (Thanksgiving, at least) really were.  The calendar races by with its passing days so rapidly that sometime I miss a few.

Today, we come wishing our Holiday greetings to all our readers.  While it is likely that many of you will not stop by today, what with so many other distactions, we want to add our greetings and thanksgivingg for your attention and visits to SCJ. 

However  you are enjoying this introduction to the holiday season, we hope your life is full and rich and thoughtful of others.  We hope you will continue your visits with us with your usual frequency.  We look forward to the balance of the year with you and plunging into next year with stimulating articles and insights which may contribute to your having a productive aging experience.

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